Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out with the Old...

This had been an interesting year.  I've gained and lost the same 10-15 pounds all year. My parents health continues to decline and I continue to see how their refusal to change their behavior adds volumes to the decline.

I've decided I refuse to get fatter, age too fasts, and lose my health.  New year, new me.

I just finished the book Eat to Live by Dr Joel Fuhrman. Very interesting. I've seen the documentaries Food Inc., Forks over Knives, Food Matters, etc, etc, etc.  I know what I need to do.

Plant based, much less meat, eliminate processed foods.  Easy, right? 

I continue to struggle.  Keeping my parents in mind, I'm going to try to be better.  I want to knock off some weight.  I want to find plant based foods that I like and will fill me up.  I'm not sure I'm up for the 1 pound raw, 1 pound cooked veggies a day as Dr Fuhrman recommends.  I can eat more salad and such. 

So here begins a new year. Tomorrow.  Day damn 1!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Positive Reaction to a Rough Couple Days

I didn't sleep last night. Mostly because I was wound tight with concern for my mother.  Unexpected infection in her incision.  Kinda scary if I let myself go there.  So I avoid those thoughts while not sleeping.

Today I did sleep on and off and accomplished nothing. So at 5pm I ventured out to grocery shop. I am a stress eater and had nothing but popcorn in the house. Inspired by the book I'm reading, Eat For Life, I decided no junk food.

First stop, health food store. Walked in behind a Rep for Cupcake wine, carrying a case. I did not buy any. Instead I got four avocados because they were $0.99 each, spinach, spring mix, sprouted salad crunchiest, raw sunflower, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds, a can of Blue Sky Cram Soda, salad dressing, and roasted seaweed snacks.  I was looking for kale chips. I want to try them. But they were crazy expensive. So, seaweed. I'll keep ya posted.

Next stop The Fresh Market. They had two for one Maryland Crab Cakes. I got the last ones. Women behind me were angry. I also picked up my new favorite apples (Honeycrisp), a couple vine tomatoes, pears, and a bottle of Mojitea. Its awesome. A little splurge.  I managed to check out without being tackled by angry crab cake customers. And I got a new TFM bag. Its small, perfect size for me. With a snowman on the front. Oh ya. And a very small container of mashed potatoes.  Comfort food.

Next stop, Publix. Six cans of soup, Ziploc bags and containers, a green Publix bag with a Christmas tree on it,  and two 12 packs of La Croix water later (lime and grapefruit) and I was heading home.
I had crab cakes and potatoes for dinner. And my Mojitea.  Other than that, i did pretty good. I have some decent groceries. I wont starve and some are healthy. Canned soup not so much, but I'm taking small steps.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 31 or 32?

I started this journey on Oct 29. I've posted every day.  I hope they all are posted and I qualify, as I'm ready for drastic change and I flounder on how to get there. So here is the last entry.

1 I love that I did this! What an accomplishment.

2 I love designing purses, and I've decided to branch out and learn about jewelry and shoes.

3 I love the positive feedback I received today on my latest project. I always fear putting it out there, but I did it anyhow.

4 I love being supportive of my friend who is in crisis. It's all I can do for her, and it doesn't feel like much but I think she appreciates it

5 I love that I'm beginning to crave healthy food options. I craved a salad today!

6 I love the weird mole on my arm. Its a birthmark sort of thing and it's very unique

7 I love the bump on My arm where it once broke. After all these years I can still feel it, and I remember surviving a 6 week cast in the middle of summer! What an experience for an 8 year old. Its a badge of honor

8 I love that I'm health conscious.  I continue to share my knowledge with those who don't understand GMOs, food from China, etc.

9 I love my neutral, skin toneish color nail polish. When I started this journey I wore black or gray. Does this have anything to do with the change???

10 I love me. Most of the time. I love who I am inside at least. I'm working on the outside and the demons that hold me back.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn this program.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 30 or 31?

Day 30 or 31 or maybe 32, not sure.

1 I love my friends. We are so different yet we click along like we've known each other forever

2 I love fish tacos. Can I ever five them up?

3 I love honesty.  I despise deception

4 I love my car.  I bought it because it was big enough, safe, and gets awesome mileage.  Its not gorgeous but it is efficient

5 I love that I changes the cats food and I now have a calmer, gentler cat

6 I love that I share food sensitivities with my crazy cats!

7 I love that I haven't had cheese in five days

8 I love that I had a green drink for breakfast

9 I love how fast my nails grow

10 I love that I probably just did an extra day of this, but I'm not sure....

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 28?

Day 28? 29?  I've lost track. I haven't saved all of these so I'm really not sure :-(

1 I love being lazy on Sunday. I require rejuvenating time

2 I love that I'm thinking more about the food I eat again. I was lost for a while

3 I love that my hair suddenly feels so much longer

4 I love that I realized today that my cats are a lot like me. We'll work on that!

5 I love that I had lots of water again today. I don't like water so it's a big deal

6 I love the skin on my inner arm. Its soft and has no blemishes.  I'd love to get the rest of my skin like that!

7 I love that I can accomplish a lot with email and text. They are time and money savers for me

8 I love that I wanted chips and dip today, and had microwave popcorn instead

9 I love that my Thanksgiving leftovers gave me two, small, satisfying meals

10 I love that I made myself do this tonight. It was hard

Day 28?

I think it may be day 27 or 28 but I'm not sure...

1 I love that I woke at 5am and ended up being a support for a friend in crisis via email. She said I helped.

2 I love that I went above and beyond for a coworker today (her words not mine)

3 I love that I made my first pendants tonight! 

4 I love that I dug until I found exactly the fabric I needed, hidden at the bottom of a heap, and I had a 50% off coupon for the cut!

5 I love that I offered advise on altering a pattern to a civil war buff making a costume

6 I love that I asked my SIL what she and the kids want for Christmas.  They are hard to shop for and this is a huge help

7 I love that I drank lots of water today!

8 I love the two compliments I got on my glasses today. They really made me happy.

9 I love that I read some more of my book this week. Its Eat to Live and very interesting

10 I love that I taught someone something new today

Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 26

Day 26

1 I love love love that I've stuck this out for 26 days! I'm so close to my goal :-)

2 I love my friend who gave me a carton of dairy free, coconut milk based "egg" nog. 90 calories, no tummy ache or congestion, and tastes just like the original!

3 I love my sister in law. 20 years and I've rarely seen her angry or upset. She has great balance

4 I love my little feet. Size 5, petite. When not swollen, they are lovely!

5 I love surprising people with conversation about things they don't know interest me. Not on purpose, just because. I love the little glimmer of "wow I can talk to you about this" that races across their face

6 I love that I recognize when the PMS symptoms kick in. Crazy hunger, weepiness, mood swings. Thank goodness its only about 4-5 days a month!

7 I love that I no longer eat every time I feel hungry.  Sometimes I let my tummy growl because its too late to eat, or I know I had enough earlier. I believe my body tries to trick me.

8 I love my giving nature

9 I love this process. Even on a bad day, I'm forced to reach and find something I love.

10 I love Kind Bars. Excellent snacks or breakfast items, totally healthy.  Mmmmm

DAY 25!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving

Day 25!  Happy Thanksgiving.

1 I love that I overate on far less food this year than last.  I am trying to be more conscious of when to stop, and since I've been eating less, I still stop earlier than before :-)

2 I love my dear, dear friends who include me on all major holidays, and have for...about 14 years now.

3 I love my family, who are far away but never forgotten.

4 I love mashed potatoes and gravy. And Turkey.  I've toyed with going vegan, but I'm not sure I could give up these and many other foods that I love. Maybe just once in a while? Does that count?

5 I love the purse I finished today. All issues resolved, the prototype is awesome and received great reviews.

6 I love that I wore pants that fit today. Usually I wear baggy pants. Not sure why I did it.

7 I love that at the last minute I put on a tank top that is clingy. I was comfortable because it was quite warm, and I was only a little self conscious.

8 I also love that I took off the big blouse I wore over the tank, right after I arrived at dinner. I never put it back on

9 I love that I went to Michael's on my way home and with my coupon, scored amazing deals for things we needed foe work.

10 I LOVE that I will NOT participate in black Friday, and will instead work on a custom order for Christmas Stockings.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 24

Day 24

1 I love that I don't have to take anything to Thanksgiving dinner. Except Gladware :-)

2 I love that I stuck it out at work all day even though I wanted to go home sick

3 I love that my nose has finally stopped running

4 I love that its cooling off out yet we'll still get to have Thanksgiving dinner poolside

5 I love that after three weeks I have resolved the handle problem on my new purse

6 I love that I got a good start on my big work project while under the influence of cold medicine

7 I love that my cats are literally glaring at each other over who gets to lay the closest to me

8 I love that I can sleep on tomorrow

9 I love that I refuse flu shots and antibiotics. People who preach them are not informed. Beginning with my mother.

10 I love that I have custom sewing work to do. Paying customer who loves what I do!

Day 23

Day 23?  YES!  Day 23!!  Wow!  I do hope that people are getting as much out of these as I get out of cruising through to see what folks are saying about themselves. 


1 I love my honesty.  Honest to a fault.  I'm not a good liar, and I'm not a good deceiver.  I think those are excellent things to be bad at!


2 I love that I am an awesome photographer.  I just took some really good photos of something that has mylar in it, so it's all glowing and shimmering.  Darn hard!


3 I love that I enjoy music pre-1986.  Mostly 60's and 70's.  I don't even pay attention to anything current.  And I'm fine with that!


4 I love my wide range of ecclectic tastes.  I hate to be tied down to just one thing.


5 I love that I'm slowly learning to trust more. 


6 I love the new red hair!!!  A new color I've not done in a long time, and now I remember how much I love it!!


7 I love that I said NO to the weekly pasta order from the local fresh made pasta place that the girls do at work.  It was very hard, but I'm sticking to my budget.


8 I love that I'm having my protien smoothy for dinner, even though I want something else.  Something decadent.  This will get really hard when the PMS kicks in...

9 I love that I'm in a good mood even though I know I'm getting sick

10 I love that if I'm coming down with my traditional Thanksgiving cold like I feel like I do, I'll have a sexy voice for a few days :-)

Day 24

Day 24

1 I love that I don't have to take anything to Thanksgiving dinner.  Except Gladware :-)

2 I love that I stuck it out at work all day even though I wanted to go home sick

3 I love that my nose has finally stopped running

4 I love that its cooling off out yet we'll still get to have Thanksgiving dinner poolside

5 I love that after three weeks I have resolved the handle problem on my new purse


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 23

Day 23. I don't feel well today. Yet I'm here, doing this.
1 I love that I want to be asleep but fighting it until its late enough in the evening to go to bed
2 I love that I was invited to Mexican food and ate very little
3 I love that I made time for friends this evening
4 I love that I worked an eight hour day today. Not more than eight, just eight
5 I love that I figured out the question with the new email program today
6 I love that I branched out and tried a new food today
7 I love that I got home early today! Already in my jammies
8 I love that I put color on my nails again. Its been weeks of clear
9 I love that I will be snug in my bed when people are doing the crazy black Friday madness
10 I love that I remembered my lunch today!  I really wanted pizza, but I had my healthy, tasty chili

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 22

Day 22!  What a journey. Closing in on the finish. There are so many posts, does any really see them now?

1 I love my Sunday routine. Its all about relaxation and rejuvenation.  I work hard all week. Sunday is my day tp be selfish if I choose and just be by myself.

2 I love my fingernails.  They look like I get manicures but I don't.  Its been months since I started polishing them and keeping them up, and I love the results.

3 I love the "bracelet" I wear every day. Its actually a hairband, which ends up in my hair every day at some point. But I enjoy its double dutyness.

4 I love my hair. Its all one length and so easy. I haven't blow dried it in months. I am contemplating bangs for a change, we'll see

5 I love my sensibility

6 I love my lack of ego

7 I love that my cats like to snuggle on my feet

8 I love the new red color I bought to cover my grays. Its not the red I usually use!

9 I love that I've remembered to save my cat food bags for a friend who's making things with them.

10 I love that I'm obsessed with designer handbags and I carry a $5 zebra print bag I found at Pier One.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 21

Day 21!  Two thirds of the way to the goal.
1 I love that I'm nice to people, even when I don't want to be.  A dear friend and coworker told me I had to use this today. Three hours into our eight hour day I told her I didn't want to be nice anymore ha ha!

2 I love that I had a glass of wine with the girls after work. Mmmm. And yes, I was treated. Which means...

3 I love that I stuck to my budget goal today!

4 I love that I've continued to develop my Christmas gift giving plan, making a list, trying to match projects to people...its coming along.

5 I love that I remembered a stash of fabric that I can make cool scarves with! Fabric stash pays off!!!

6 I love that I spent the day working on a silly project that, in the end, will make people smile

7 I love that I know there are 90 feet between bases on a major league field

8 I love that I relax at the end of the day.  I would to meditate, but I can't slow my mind down. So I watch mindless TV and allow myself to drift.

9 I love when I make myself smile.

10 I love my strength of character despite all the junk in my life at the moment

Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 20

Day 20!  I think I can, I think I can...

1 I love that I went to the prepared meals place that's all natural, hormone/GMO free, organic, as local as possible, and got four meals which I split in half for my lunches.

2 I love that I'm challenging myself to eat the groceries I bought instead of eating out!  I'm on a budget...if I'm invited out as a treat, I'll go, but I'll still eat healthy.

3 I love that I spent $65 on groceries all together, and stayed in my food budget.

4 I love that I set a goal today at work, and did what I set out to do!

5 I love that I helped my boss with a small project, saving her time in the process

6 I love that I did Christmas shopping today for three people, and developed a plan for nearly everyone else.

7 I love that I just remembered I have non dairy eggnog in the fridge!

8 I love that my cats love me unconditionally.  And they get jealous of each other and demand equal time. Its
good to be loved.

9 I love that I realized today I tend to not take my supplements on Thu and Fri. Why? I have no idea! But I
haven't refilled that spot in my pillbox in weeks. I need to figure this one out.

10 I love that I slept good last night. And am tired tonight!

Sweet dreams y'all

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 19

Day 19

1 I love that I'm dog tired and staying awake to do this post

2 I love that I had experiments go awry in the sewing room this morning which resulted in an Ah Ha moment

3 I love that I woke at 4am, didn't fall back to sleep, and was able to work a long day without hitting the wall

4 I love that a coworker tried Kind Bars on my recommendation and loves them too! (And bought me some
on sale!!! )

5 I love that I've shifted, for the most part, to my heavy meal in the afternoon.

6 I love that I took a leap and tried new things at the sushi place tonight!

7 I love my friends who can tell by my tone that I need a night out, and make me go.

8 I love that today was full of challenges and I'm not struggling with this exercise tonight

9 I love that the weird dry spot on my forehead is not visible.  I feel it, bit ya can't see it

10 I love that Co workers feel comfortable to vent to me.

I'm probably beginning to repeat myself. I hope not too much.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 18

Day 18. Wow.
1 I love that I find humor where there is humor to be found. There's a time and a place for serious
2 I love my crooked fingers. Actually, they are mostly twisty. Every one has been broken at least once, in a variety of mishaps and crazy freak accidents. I'll never be a hand model LOL
3 I love that I'm studying hand bags. How they are constructed, hardware, comparing the differences between high end and low end. I want to make them and I want to do it well
4 I love that I figured out a technique for sewing around small curves
5 I love that I'm really good at hand stitching tiny hidden stitches, even though I have a kickass machine to do it for me. Its not the same and not as finished looking
6 I love that I'm a good cook. I don't do it often, but when I do it's tasty!
7 I love that a week before Thanksgiving, I'm trying to decide if I should take better-for-me options to dinner or just have one day of indulgence
8 I love that I craved taco bell tonight, and I didn't go
9 I love that I'm still doing this. It's become more about finishing and finding things I like about me, sorry, love, than the final prize. And I do consider the program a prize, as it's beyond my reach otherwise
10 I love my chin. It has a great shape, and it houses my dimple. I suppose its more of a cleft since its large. My chin is a little square but not in a bad way. Fits my face perfectly!

Day 16

Day 16. Over the hump. Some days are easy. Some are hard. Here goes
1 I love that I ate only had the lasagna I was served tonight. I wanted it all, and it was a huge piece.  I die not go face down in my plate :-)
2 I love my supportive friends! Lasagna friend, upon learning of my giving up dairy, gave me a container of coconut milk based eggnog.  Its amazing, 90 calories, creamy, and non dairy!
3 I love explaining to people why dairy is evil. Sometimes they get it, sometimes they don't care. Either way, it's a way to throw good intentions into the universe.
4 I love that I've taken time to learn this week. Its been a busy week.
5 I love that caffeine doesn't keep me awake! I don't have it often, but coffee sounded good tonight.
6 I love that twice in two days I've been told about thrift store finds. I never think to go there, and my friends are sporting cool looks!  In a previous life I would never have gone. Now I'm intrigued!
7 I love my glasses. I think I look good in them. They are chunky and colorful and I get many compliments.
8 I love that I don't see my age. Kids grow up, but I swear I look the same!
9 I love that I wear a black hair band on my wrist. Its jewelry, it deals with my hair when I can't. Its a fashion statement.
10 I love living where I do. I never thought a place could bring me joy.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 17

Day 17??? How can it be!  I may actually be on a roll now...
1 I love sewing.  I've made a shower curtain, a bib, and a purse in the last day and a half.  So rewarding, and so thankful I learned at an early age.
2 I love that I've stuck with this.  Even when it's really hard.  Like today.
3 I love that I'm starting to talk back to the bad self talk
4 I love that I got caught talking to myself earlier and I just carried on, not caring much what they thought
5 I love that I can find humor in situations that others would find distressing.  I choose laughter over crying or a nervous breakdown!
6 I love doing the speed limit in a school zone and making those behind me mad.  They have obviously never gotten one of those tickets before!  I like to think I'm teaching them patience...
7 I love that I spent 30 minutes building a holiday quiz using various tidbits and trivia from the world wide web.  Killed some time, and made by brain stretch (some of those questions are hard!)
8 I love that I'm not stressed yet about having NO Christmas shopping done yet.  Let's see how I feel in two weeks...
9 I love that I can go home in an hour!!!  And I have tomorrow off so I can relax and sleep in :-)
10 I love the scar above my right eye.  I tumbled down some three stairs when I was two, and got a pretty good gash.  Even now, 40-odd years later, it's noticable.  But it's not in the eyebrow, and it's not in a place that makes makeup difficult.  I think it gives me character!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

DAY 15! Half Way...

Day 15. Half way to my goal. I never dreamed I'd make it this far...
1 I love that I've posted every day for 15 days!!!
2 I love that I took the time to dig in the remnant bins and found two awesome purse fabrics for less than $5
3 I love that I helped someone...while shopping at Joann's!
4 I love that I believe in the power of prayer, positive energy, whatever the label. Doing so in numbers makes a difference, I just know it!
5 I love my ankles. When they aren't puffy, they look great!
6 I love that I didn't take anyone's bait today. There was bait to be taken, believe me! But I chose not to go there.
7 I love that I gave into a chicken wing craving. I didn't go face down. I had enough to satisfy the craving I've been fighting for three weeks. I no longer crave them
8 I love that I type these out ahead so I can paste them into this blog. That way I can find them to send to my blog!
9 I love when my cats sits in front of me with droopy, falling asleep face, purring.  Its because they love me unconditionally.  Silly cats!
10 I love that someone told me today that since she's done a cleanse, she now thinks about where her food comes from and what's in it. It was nice talking to her about it, and truly understanding how she's changed how she approaches food. The exchange made me smile!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 14

1 I love that I'm learning optimism
2 I love that my brother and I can not chat for months and then pick up right where we left off
3 I love that I am someone others can come to for venting and advice
4 I love that I chose beef and broccoli over fried rice tonight. I'm not sure its a lot better, but it feels like a smarter choice
5 I love that I found Naked juices on sale 2/$5! I stocked up for the week. The Green Machine makes an awesome, easy dinner on the go.
6 I love that after an emotionally exhausting day, I went grocery shopping
7 I also love that I made good choices at the store, not giving into temptation and staying out of the aisles. Except the one where I found my La Croix grapefruit seltzer water and Blue Sky soda
8 yes, two flavors of Blue Sky at the grocery. Neither was rootbeer. So I love that I took a chance and tried the Ginger Ale.
9 I love that I purposefully went back to sleep after waking twice during the night, sleeping in without guilt.
10 I love that I am grateful for my brother. He is amazing.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 12

1 I am an expert procrastinator.  I love that I’m working on not being so good at that.
2 I love that it takes me 30 minutes to get ready in the morning.  I really no longer care if I have wet hair and no makeup!
3 I love to try new foods.  I didn’t used to.  In the last 10 years I’ve become quite adventurous!
4 I love that I, a single woman, bought a house and paid it off in less than 10 years.  And my cats think I did that for them
5 I love that I can take “news breaks” and not feel like I’m missing anything in the world
6 I love that I’m a really good writer and editor.  People have me do that for them all the time!
7 I love that I feel proud when I design something new
8 I love that when things get crazy, I can stop, breath, and regroup.  This is something I’ve learned recently.  And it helps!
9 I love that I recognized early on I was not one to have children.  Some people struggle with that, but not me.  I don’t believe in bringing a child into the world unless I can handle it, and I’ve never felt I could.  Instead, I love my cats.  They are an extension of me, with amazing personalities, and I enjoy my time with them.  They are like the children I’ll never have, and they will never grow up!  My male is forever like an 8 year old, and my female is forever like a 13 year old.  Not my favorite age, but hey, she could be a real live girl!
10 I love that I’ve learned to cry without guilt

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 11

Day 11
1 I am repeating, because today has been a HUGE test….I love that I can be extremely patient with difficult people.  I work in retail, and some people just require a little extra TLC
2 I love that I ate out for lunch today, and I got something super healthy!
3 I love that I got my exercise today!
4 I love that I can gauge a situation and head off troubling situations
5 I love that I’m very good at home improvement projects
6 I love that I don’t look my age J
7 I love that I still have a sense of curiosity
8 I love that I’m learning to be spontaneous.  It’s very challenging for a me, but I continue to work on it
9 I love that I’ve learned gratitude.  It was not easy, but now comes to me very easily.
10 I love that I truly do want to see a day that we achieve world peace.  It must be attainable!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 10

First milestone!  This is day TEN!!!  Wow.
1 I LOVE that I haven't given up on this and that I met my first goal (goal two is the full 30 days)
2 I love that I have strong convictions that guide me
3 I love that I've learned to slow down, stop, and smell the flowers
4 I love that I have a wide variety friends from all walks of life.  I'm friends iwth people who 20 years ago I would never have thought twice about because I didn't think I was worthy to know people like them
5 I love that I want to be healthy, in mind, body and spirit
6 I love that I can see the contributing factors to my parents diminishing health, and that I choose not to go down that path
7 I love that on an annual basis, I'm less sick than I used to be
8 I love that when I yell at my cat for being naughty, I always smile or giggle becuase she's just do doggone cute!  Who can stay mad at that face??
9 I love that I helped two people today, and both acknowledged that I changed thier day
10 I love that I'm learning to listen to my body, and how it reacts to food, beverages, and environment
Is that really 100???

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 9, I think

I just had to go check. Yes. This is day 9. I must share my process.  I don't have internet.  I do have a smart phone. So I have to post from the phone. I first type It out in an email.  Then I copy it. Then I send the email to post to my blog. The I go to Tera's blog and wait about 15 minutes for the page to fully load. Then I paste, edit, submit. It uses about 70% of my battery and the whole thing takes about 30 minutes. That said....
1 I love that I'm stubborn enough to do this each day
2 I love that my super severe allergies don't hold me back
3 I love that this payday I vowed to make positive grocery choices rather than buy fast, easy, and cheap (its expensive to eat healthy)
4 I love love love that I did not give in to my craving for biscuits and gravy today
5 I love that I outgrew my need for expensive, cool shoes, and now live in Crocs.  Flip flops, Mary Jane's, Ballet Shoes, you name it. They are comfy!
6 I love that I am learning to live simply.
7 I love my red hair
8 I love that I take time for myself to rest and rejuvenate once a week
9 I love that I reuse glass jars for storage and water bottles
10 I love that I've now come up with 90 unique things I love about me.  Ok, that one was weak, but I think it should count because this is hard work!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 8, 10 Things I Love About Myself

So far I've posted 70 things I love about myself on the Tera Warner Blog.  I don't think I've repeated.  It's getting harder.  I will say that reading other people's posts has inspired me to think outside my negative little box and recognize things in myself that others see in themselves.  I think that's good?  So here goes, 71-80...
1 I love that I've finally found the most wonderful night time moisturizer....raw coconut oil! 
2 I love that I'm getting better at projecting a happy persona, especially on days that I'm not so happy. Why?
3 I love that I protect people from my inner strife.  I have a lotta stuff going on, and really, when someone says "How are you?" they rarely want to know.
4 I love that I hang with my friends, even when I don't have time or feel like being social.  It's good for me, and I recognize that.  Once I get there, I always feel better
5 I love that I make a concious effort to buy local, be it food or goods
6 I love that I spent two months boycotting made in China items.  I wish I had the funds to do it full time
7 I love that I woke this morning with my two cats snuggled up against me sound asleep.  I hated to wake them up!
8 I love that I've moved to an almost black wardrobe.  Not because I'm sad or depressed, but because it's easy!  I can accesorize with color, and add a blouse or jacket with color, but the t's, shells, and pants are all black and I no longer agonize over what to wear in the morning.  (I am contemplating bringing gray and brown into the mix...)
9 I love that I've remembered to take my supplements 5 days this week!  I only missed Thursday.  That's huge!!!!
10 I love that I've made a difference at work this week, doing in-depth profit/loss analysis.  We've learned so much!
WOW!!! That's 80!!!!!  I love that too.  Until tomorrow...

Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 7 Redux

I was speaking to a gal at work about this process last night. We laughed at how hard it's getting! Day 7. Deep breath...
1 I love that I can make people laugh
2 I love that I'm short. If I had to choose between short and tall, short is the way to go.
4 I love that I have color memory. I can remember colors and match things without having to carry the item with me.
5 I love that I can design something in my head and create it, usually on the first try.
6 I love how I look in glasses. I use them as a cool accessory. And to see.
7 I love that I've devoted the last four months to doing and maintaining my own nails. I don't do hair or makeup, so they make me feel pretty. And presentable.
8 I also love my toenails. They are little, on my little toes, attached to my little feet. I think they are cute. When people say they hate their toes, I show mine off
9 I love that I balance my love of dark twisty TV shows with comedies that make me laugh out loud
10 I love that I can shop the daylights out of a sale
3 I love that I am the person who proofreads three times before sending...and found that I missed #3!!!!
There. That's 10. Omg! Is that 100????

Day 7

I was speaking to a gal at work about this process last night. We laughed at how hard it's getting!  Day 7. Deep breath...
1 I love that I can make people laugh
2 I love that I'm short. If I had to choose between short and tall, short is the way to go.
4 I love that I have color memory.  I can remember colors and match things without having to carry the item with me.
5 I love that I can design something in my head and create it, usually on the first try.
6 I love how I look in glasses. I use them as a cool accessory.  And to see.
7 I love that I've devoted the last four months to doing and maintaining my own nails. I don't do hair or makeup, so they make me feel pretty. And presentable.
8 I also love my toenails.  They are little, on my little toes, attached to my little feet. I think they are cute. When people say they hate their toes, I show mine off
9 I love that I balance my love of dark twisty TV shows with comedies that make me laugh out loud
10 I love that I can shop the daylights out of a sale
Omg! Is that 100????

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 6

Today I reach, this is getting hard. The good news is
1 I love that I haven't thrown in the towel, giving up, like I tend to do with "diets"
2 I love that I got a friend hooked on KIND Bars because She saw how much I enjoy both their taste and the concept. I feel like I did a good thing!
3 I love that I am quirky. Its part of my character
4 I love that my brain is full of useless information and that I use that power for good. Usually at dinner parties.
5 I love that I make a conscious effort to do something good or helpful for someone once a day
6 I love the dimple in my chin. My pinky fits in it perfectly, and I'm the only one in my family who has it
7 I love that even though the numbers are MUCH bigger, there is still 10" between my chest and waist.  Yes, I'm heavy, but I still have a waist :-)
8 I love that I'm learning to accept compliments. Its rarely easy, I always want to point out how its wrong, but I'm getting good at keeping my mouth shut, saying thank you, and letting it sink in
9 I love that, with all I've experienced, I still believe in happily ever after
10 I love my small feet

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 5

Day 5 and10 more thing I love about me....actually, 41-50 things I love about me.
1 I love my sometimes dark, mostly wickedly funny sense of humor
2 I love that I see everyone as equals ...until proven wrong. Which is rare
3 I love the person I've grown into, rather than the person I used to be, who was a product of her environment. 
4 I love that I'm tolerant and un-prejudiced. Is that a word? BTW, I don't know how that happened based on my early environment
5 I love that my hair grows really fast
6 I love that my bangs are all grown out and the same length as the rest of my hair, and it only took 30 or so years
7 I love that I had the tenacity tonight to scroll through 900 or so responses to find my Day 4 and copy it so I could post it on my blog. On my Droid.  Which took exactly 22 minutes and 65% of the battery.  Ok, obsessed is the word you are looking for.
8 I love that I had a good day, which in turn makes tonight's task easy for me!  I never thought this would be easy!! And I'm sure it wont always be
9 I love that I can share my current obsessions, GMOs and HFCS, with my friends and they love me enough to remain my friends and not run screaming in the opposite direction
10 I love that its day 5 and I'm still totally motivated to continue this challenge!  25 days and 250 more things I love about me to go!!
Holy cow. I may need help with that!


Today has been wretched. A day where I barely go out of bed. Everything weighs heavy today and I'm feeling very doom and gloom. It takes so little to create a tale sp So number 1 today is
1 I'm doing this even though my heart isn't in it. And I'm continuing this list while fighting tears. Why? I need something to cling to today, and…
2 I admire my perseverance!
3 I thrive on a challenge. Today I remind myself of that.
4 I deal with pressure job pressure well. Personally? I could do that better
5 I know how to change a tire
6 I know enough about what's under the hood of my car make car salesmen step back and treat me with respect
7 I have an amazing network of friends. I rarely trouble them with my issues. We all have enough already.
8 I love to learn new things
9 I am a good storyteller
10 After years of trial and error, I can finally grow my fingernails (with the right products) and I like them!

Monday, October 31, 2011

10 Things, Day 3

Day 3 and its really hard!  But I'm continuing on..
1 I took a leap of bravery. I began posting these lists on my blog. I don't know that anyone actually reads it, but it felt right.
2 I reminded myself that smiling causes less wrinkles than frowning
3 I helped a friend make a shower curtain today, because
4 I'm a really good seamstress!
5 I'm very creative
6 I have the ability to look at fabric and see shirts, jackets, and handbags
7 I wore the pants that fit decent today instead of my favorite, baggy, too big yet comfy pants.
8 I'm good at providing challenging feedback
9 I'm generous with my time
10 I liked my ankles today. They didn't get puffy!!

Day Two

Day 2…the first day was hard to come up with ten things. I've put a lot of thought into today!
1 I looked in the mirror twice today. On purpose. And I didn't cringe. In fact, the second time I smiled at myself.
2 I called a friend in need today and brightened her day. And took time to feel good about it.
3 I met friends for lunch even though I did not want to get dressed this morning.
4 I got dressed this morning
5 I listened to others today instead of focusing on negative self talk
6 I walked eight blocks.
7 that walk was on a crowded street, which I usually avoid because I don't want people looking at me
8 I changed my nail polish from dark grey to a very positive nude color. Fingers and toes. I've been black or gray for over a year. When people ask, I tell them it suits my mood. This should surprise them!
9 I have great toes. They look good in sandles!
10 I stopped eating today when I felt a little full. I didn't even finish! And I tried not to feel guilty.
Until tomorrow …

Sunday, October 30, 2011

10 Things, Day 1

Over on the Tera Warner Blog, she has a challenge.  List ten things you love about yourself.  For each day you do it, you are credited $10 toward her Body Enlightenment Program.  I want that program.  I can't afford that program. So I'm taking a stab at this.
My goal is the full 30 days. If I can do it, I'll get the program for free. So here goes. Yesterday was Day 1
Ten things….
1. Beautiful blue eyes
2. Will do anything for my inner circle
3. Best cat owner/staff for my cats
4. Smart
5. Love to learn new things and grow my knowledge
6. Slender fingers
7. Clear complexion

8. Empathetic
9. Hard worker
10. Safe driver
This is going to be challenging….

Monday, October 17, 2011

Busy Busy

I've been crazy busy. The last three weeks, little downtime.

What happens when I don't have much needed downtime?  I eat whatever is easy and handy. And I ain't pretty when I do that!

So here we go. Slowing down. Remembering what is important. Good health, long life. Green juice at least one meal a day.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fish Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Oh My!

Several times in the last few weeks I've heard about the evils of Fish Oil. How it can have mercury, how quickly it goes rancid, etc.

A friend told me his doctor has him on a "pharmaceutical grade" fish oil tablet. I find it hard to believe that such a product exists since the FDA does not oversee supplements!  What the heck kind d of doctor does he have??  I am so appalled by this I just want to shake my friend for buying in to this myth.

That got under my skin.  I started paying attention.  Fish oil goes bad quickly, regardless of the "grade". Often it spoils IN THE CAPSULES.  There are studies and tests that prove it. Fish Oil is best when free of mercury and fresh. Very hard to achieve.

I read about this years ago and stopped taking it. And I have many friends whose doctors continue to recommend it. They share their stories and I bite my tongue. 

Anyone who takes anything should do the research.

Anyone who takes anything should do the research! 

I can tell you the benefits and side effects of my blood pressure medicine, my potassium supplement (which I HATE), the Zyrtec and the Prilosec (which I take every other day).  Nothing goes I to my body, supplement or meds, without my being informed.  I demand it.

But people don't do that with the popular supplements.  And Fish Oil is popular.

Flaxseed Oil and Coconut Oil are excellent replacements.  Two tablespoons a day of each is what I shoot for.  Listening to the 12 Steps to Whole Foods has cemented that for me. 

Flaxseed Oil is to be kept refrigerated and should not be heated. Put some in a smoothly or a salad dressing.  The benefits of flaxseed oil are amazing! I choose oil over ground seeds because its easier for me.

Coconut Oil can be heated and therfore is excellent for cooking. I also put it on my face, hands, and elbows at night. And since I like coconut, I have started using it like butter on the occassional slice of bread.  I have many friends who use it. It comes in a solid form, looks like shortening.  Refrigerate it if you live in a warm climate and it melts.
Have I grossed you out??

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Favorite Thing: Coconut Oil

About a year ago I read the book 12 Steps to Whole Foods.  I purchased a pack with the book, audio files to accompany it, a DVD with how to videos and a journal. 
Last week I began listening to the audio files. Of all the things that I've heard thus far, one really stuck out - Coconut Oil.
Three days ago I began using it at night as moisturizer.  Yup, moisturizer. It absorbs quickly, leaves no greasy residue, and wow does my face love it! I hate washing my face in the morning it feels so good!
I have dry skin. I've spent 25 years looking for the perfect moisturizer and eye treatment.  Why did no one ever tell me about organic virgin Coconut Oil?
Plus, my elbows feel great and the little dry patch on my forehead is nearly gone.
Until I find something better, I'm sticking with it!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why This Blog?

I've spent the better part of the last 15 years reading about every diet, fad, healthy lifestyle, whatever the current buzzword.  I read, I study, and I'm fascinated by the amount of information provided about health and nutrition. 

What fascinates me more is that more than half of Americans are obese.  Fast food, fast lives, easy-to-grab processed foods.  Our country has made them part of the lifestyle. 

I don't really remember which diet or book or magazine or documentary or TV show clicked on this obsession I have.  I think I've read and done them all.

I used to be a stick person.  Age, lifestyle, hormones, and a love of food have moved me out of stick person mode into what I consider fat.  I recognize it in the size clothes I wear and the periodic glimpses I catch of a reflection in a window or mirror.  I often don't see it day to day when I look in a mirror.  That's a challenge for me, because I forget I'm "fat".

I've tried (and failed) at almost every diet trend out there - for the last 20 years!  That's a lot of failure.  I do well for a few weeks or a few months, and then slide back into old habits.  Sound familiar?

I've continued to read and study.  A couple years ago I decided to hell with it.  I'm going to figure out what works for me.  I'm going to become in tune to what my body requires, and find a balance between that and what my brain wants.  Because want to be healthy, and I want to enjoy my favorite things from time to time.

My parents health is precarious.  Between the two of them, my brother and I have seen the results of being overweight, high blood pressure, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, stroke, migraines, blindness, high cholesterol, over-prescribed pain meds, and a strange little blood clotting disorder that creates lots of clots that clogs the arteries and causes blockages.  That's a hell of a lot for us to wrap our heads around.

We already struggle with our weight.  We have migraines (I've had them since I was 8 years old).  I have high blood pressure (since I was 25 years old).  Personally, I'm terrified of the next 20 years with our family history. 

In my research and self-experimentation, I have discovered that:
  • processed foods make me have cravings for more processed foods, and never fill me up. 
  • dairy makes me congested, is a headache trigger, make me bloat up like a blow fish, and cause my tummy to be unhappy. 
  • a whole foods diet, with an emphasis on veggies, makes my body happy.
  • it's not as hard to cut back on meat as I thought it would be.
  • GMO's scare the daylights out of me (who wants to eat food created in a petry dish?)
  • eating foods that come from places close to home is good for me and our local economy.
I am currently obsessed with documentaries about food in this country.  I recommend them to everyone I know.  I recommend books I've read (I have three books going right now, all food related).  I sometimes jump on a soap box and lecture, and my friends aren't always appreciative.

So not long ago, one of my friends who has the same concerns as I suggested, in jest, that I write a book.  We laughed about how it would be called The Armchair Nutritionist, the rants and ramblings of a girl obsessed by food and good health.  About a week later, I started this blog. 

Now I can rant without upsetting anyone (no one has to read it!)

So that's my story.  And this follows my ups, downs, results of experimentations gone awry, and maybe someday it will help one person find a path to better health.

It Was a Dairy Kind of Day

As I lay in bed last night with a headache, congestion, bloaty, and feeling quite lethargic, I had to laugh.  I consumed more dairy in one day than I have in the last several months! 
We had a coffee bar at work. I was three lattes and a hot chocolate down before I realized that i was drinking REAL milk, and I'd had a lot. Then I was really hungry, and I had a half a slice of cheese pizza.
I remember at the time saying "I'll pay for that later!" I usually ask for soy in my lattes. And since I've pretty much given up caffeine, its rare that I have one at all.
There was a "picking at" appetizers all day. We had breakfast and lunch appetizers. One of the best was the shot glass of tomato bisque. At the end of the day, I was still hungry and craving the dark side. I joined my coworkers for a drink and more appetizers.
The cravings happens when I throw caution to the wind.  Too much of a good thing makes me want more!
I ended the day with bread sticks and half a bowl of pumpkin crab bisque.  It was so good. I love bisque.  I love pumpkin crab bisque! So interesting and a soothing experience.  Wrap yourself in bisque at the end of a long day....
I then went home fell into a dairy induced coma. Today I'm still a little blech but I'll survive.  I know that a day of clean eating will bounce me back!
Was it all worth it? Yes!!!  The food was excellent!!!  I'm glad I didn't overindulge.  Lots of picking, so not a lot consumed.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Detoxing, sorta...

Yup, that's my breakfast and lunch today.  I have a green smoothie planned for dinner. 

Breakfast was a Honeycrisp Apple, purchased at The Fresh Market.  It was quite tasty.  A little Fiji like.  I've never had one before so I thought I'd try it.  When I tell you it took me three hours to eat that apple, I'm not lying!  It was HUGE!

Lunch was a little something I whipped up in the "kitchen" at work.  Corn tortillas with black beans, white rice (forgive me, I like white rice), spring mix, and a tomato/avocado mix with lemon.  I added lots of black pepper to the rice and beans.  It all could have used a little umf.  It was also dry.  It needed sour cream (but I'm staying away from dairy.)  It needed cheese (see previous comment about dairy.)  Someone suggested a chipotle ranch dressing.  That could have done the trick...anything is better with Ranch Dressing :-)

I can already feel my body releasing all the crapolla I've consumed in the last week.  It's a good thing!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I had steak last night. Haven't had that in about six months. It was good. Went to my favorite steak place and also had salad, loaded baked potato and an appetizer.
The good news is I had nearly all my salad, four bites of potato and half the 7 ounce steak. I was absolutely stuffed.  I also had half the appetizer.  But seriously, no way another bite could get in there!
Is this what they mean by having your cake and eating it too?  If I can have a little steak every six months or so, I'm happy :-)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Beautiful Falling Off

Spectacular. Beautiful.  Epic.  Words to describe my fast decent to the dark side last week. 
It was one of those weeks at work that was...challenging. Long hours, nothing happened the way it should have and the looming deadline was happening with or without me.  It happens from time to time.
I found myself falling into old habits. LOTS of coffee. Little water. Processed foods that were fast and easy.
Saturday culminated in potato chips, pigs in a blanket, BBQ sauce drenched meatballs, pastrami, corned beef, onion dip, Buffalo chicken and...ROOTBEER.  HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) filled rootbeer.
I have not had soda other than that made with natural flavors and cane sugar in months. One small can led to two, a craving for more, and a craving for all that food. Fortunately it was all served buffet style so I didn't completely lose myself. Little bites here and there.
Today I had pasta. I was craving it and I gave in. And after a week of this, I feel horrible.  I am not surprised. The body is a strange thing.  Mine lets me know when enough is enough.
Once in a while, I'm ok to permit myself a treat. This week wasn't a treat.
Enough is enough. Getting back on the horse. Juice time!  A cleansing is in order...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

If You're Gonna Eat at 9pm....

What the heck. The Firehouse Meatball Sub is a dandy choice. And Salt and Vinager Kettle Chips.
If a girl's gotta go there, go there in style!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Evils of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) Part 1

I really hate the stupid commercial "Corn sugar is sugar".  BULL-PUCKY (as my mama used to say).  First of all, sugar SHOULD come from a sugar cane plant, on a plantation, in a tropical place like, oh let's say Hawaii.  Have you ever tasted sugar cane?  Mmmmmm....

Sugar should be pure, and unprocessed, and it certainly should not be white.

Sugar should NOT come from Genetically Modified (GMO) Corn plants in the midwest.  Sugar should not come from GMO Sugar Beets either.  What these products make is High Fructose Corn Syrup, and it's just plain wrong.

Personl experiment - Give up Diet Soda.  Gave it up fine, but immediatly went to the HFCS variety (otherwise known as fully leaded).  I lost 5 pounds giving up the other fake sugar, but gained it back with HFCS - and then some.  Discovered that both "diet" soda and full octane soda adds pounds and makes you hungry and crave more.

New experiment - Give up HFCS Sodas.  Amazing.  My weight dropped TEN POUNDS!!!!  From time to time I treat myself to Blue Sky Root Beer, made with Cane Sugar.  It's now a treat, not a daily craving.  In fact, all I crave now are bubbles, which I get with my seltzer waters (I love lime La Croix and Polar brands.)  And I drink a heck of a lot more regular old water. Crave it even.  Hmmm, I have a lot of cravings...

So that "Corn sugar is sugar" crapolla is just that.  Thank goodness we have people looking out for us.  Today I saw this article on the Ban of High Fructose Corn Syrup's Facebook page.  In part it reads:

"The Food and Drug Administration has cautioned the corn industry over its ongoing use of the term "corn sugar" to describe high fructose corn syrup, asking them to stop using the proposed new name before it has received regulatory approval, The Associated Press has learned."

View the full article for the nitty gritty, and I hope that the continued pressure on the FDA will do away with this latest attempt to continue poisoning our country.

'nuff said!  Join the fight at

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My First Raw Food Experience - Vida De Cafe, St Pete Beach Florida

Yup.  Went to a Raw Food Restaurant.  Kind of an oxymoron since nothing was cooked.  Well, cooked fully.

Vida De Cafe was pretty good.  A number of interesting, not too scary things on the menu.  Two of the people I went with were vegans, so they were in heaven.  My other friend is NOT, but she did pretty good. 

I opted for a large Green Juice and an Apple Avocado Salad, and two glasses of water.  It was filling enough, and very good.  The dressing for the salad was quite yummy!

My friends got crab cakes, tacos, the same salad I did, along with Key Lime Cheese Cake (which was unbelievable!) and a Fudge Brownie and Choco Chip Ice Cream (which I didn't enjoy as much as my two bites of the key lime cheese cake).

The gals working there prepared each item, and it was presented very well.  Below are photos of some of our meal.  I wish I'd taken a pic of my juice, it was soooooooooo good!!

Would I do it again?  Probably.  Once in a while.  Why not???

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Review: Forks Over Knives

Tonight I was invited to a Raw Food restaurant.  Intrigued, I went. Upon arrival, our friend who invited us handed us a copy of Forks Over Knives and swore it would change our lives.
I've had this documentary on my wish list on Net Flix for a few months, waiting for it to come out. Now I can remove it.  After dinner I went to my other friends house and we watched it (such a healthy evening!)
It was very good, very informative.  It continues to amaze me how food controls our health. It makes sense - you are what you eat - and all, but still...
Much of what I saw I've heard of before, like the China Study, the good doctors and their amazing work, the plant based diet.  I would rate this a must watch, as long as you understand its not as entertaining as Food Inc or King Corn. It is just as important.
As for the raw food experience, more on that later!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cheese, Congestion, and the Migraine

This has been an excellent week for the great dairy experiment!  I've had lasagna, cheesecake, pizza, potato salad, chicken strips, and saucy things that I KNOW have HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), and who knows what else.

The night I had lasagna I got super congested, and got a migraine. 

The day I had cheesecake, pasta, and cold cuts, I got a migraine.

The day I had chicken strips with bbq chipotly sauce dipped in ranch dressing, I had some tummy distress.

Today I had pizza with feta as well as pizza cheese, and I had a bit of potato salad, and guess what....MIGRAINE!!!!

I truly find this facinating.  It's very interesting to watch how my body responds.  I doubt I'll ever give up these tasty treats completely, but it's nice to know I need to plan ahead.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Comfort Food

I went to a wake today for a man who loved to cook - no, create culinary explosions of delight - for those around him. He fed me my first plate of Lobster Newburg.  It was like nothing I'd ever tasted. He made award winning New England Clam Chowder. He could roast potatoes and make them magical.  Corned Beef and Cabbage was an event.  He was a culinary genius.

I will miss him. He was a grandfatherly figure for me. His humor and zest for life reminded me of the best parts of my grampas, who passed on a long, long time ago.  He was full of stories and he loved his wife, truly, in the most wonderful and sweet way.

In true style, his children hosted "refreshments" after. He would have loved the biggest, cheesiest lasagna I've ever seen. A platter of pasta salad that could feed a third world country. Chicken, antipasta, beverages, and a dessert table filled with snickerdoodles, cannolli, and mini cream puffs, eclairs, and petifores and more I can't remember. And pies. Lots of cheesy, sweet comfort food. Did I mention the cheese? 

I buried a little sorrow in lasagna, chicken, and pasta salad. I treated myself to a mini cream puff and eclair. I drank a lot of water.  It felt comforting, warm and embracing. My head is now sore, I've become congested, and my tummy is dancing, but the cheese was well worth it. Sometimes a girl needs comfort food.

I'll never eat lobster, be it boiled with butter, bisque, newburg, or on a roll, again without remembering him. Prime rib and roasted potatoes will make me smile with warm memories.  And I'll never forget the Bourbon Pumpkin Pie he made with me in mind one Thanksgiving day. It was the most spectacular pumpkin pie I'd ever had.

Tomorrow I'll return to juice and salad and natural, healthy fair. Today I will remember with comfort food.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

...and some weeks are better than others...

This has been a very challenging week.  I lost a dear friend this week.  He lived a long, full life, and for that I'm glad.  His passing has left me reevaluating everything, as passings often do.

I'm working on my business.  I'm working on my food.  I'm going to be a better person.  I'm going to find a purpose. 

Food wise, not a horrible week, but I did give into M & M's, potato chips, and a processed pulled chicken sandwich.  I of course got a headache, and no one can tell me that by eliminating HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) from my diet, that it's not causing headaches when I let it back in. 

Maybe this will be my next food experiment!

Rest in peace Don.  Your family and friends will miss you.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Must See: Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Three people I know have mentioned this documentary in the last week. All three have begun juicing. 
My dear friend A invited me over to watch it this evening.  Very sweet of her. I don't have internet at home and its a download only from Netflix.

We began with a fabulous juice - cucumber, celery, tomato, apple, ginger, peaches, carrots - I think there was more but I'm forgetting.  Delicious!

Next we had an amazing spinach salad with hard boiled eggs, asparagus, and a healthy dressing my friend whipped up (totally amazing for a girl incapable of whipping anything up).  I love spinach, and I never think to eat it so simply. Genius!

In celebration of the movie, we ate our healthy fair in front of the TV. I confess to a glass of Chardonnay for dessert.  I haven't had an adult beverage in weeks. It was very nice!

The meal was wonderful and so filling. The movie was inspirational.  It follows a man with weight and health issues on a 60 day juice fast. He meets fascinating people and turns his health around. The story follows him and a fellow he meets along the way named Phil who asks him for help.

I won't give any more away, but....I laughed a lot, I experienced moments where I gasped in horror, I almost cried several times, I left inspired, and Phil is my new hero.

Thank you A and MM for telling me about it!  I'm not sure I'm up to a 60 day fast, but I'm inspired to continue my great food experiment of 2011 :-)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Not a Nutritional Week

This week I became obsessed with salt, potato chips, candy, cookies, Taco Bell, chili dogs, corned beef, pastrami....yes, my first bout of PMPD in six months. That's PMS on steroids for those unfamiliar.
Not only that, I have pretty much been hungry since Monday. Chew my own arm off and dip it in Ranch Dressing hungry.
And we won't discuss the emotional side...or what I like to call Dr Jeckle and. Mr Hyde rides the scariest rollercoaster in the world.  Or the physical illness that accompanies that special time.
I had been on meds that wrapped my whacky cycle in a neat, happy package. Some months I didn't even realize it had happened. I went off them.  Now I remember why I went on them...
So now that I understand why I've lost all senses, I can get back on track. My goal is no meat until well into next week and tons of water. And nothing fried. And nothing with HFCS. Please wish me luck (and my cats who ran for cover days ago).

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Joys of Migraines

A sure sign that something is out of whack, this appears to be migraine week. Two, count them two in two days.

Last night's struck like a knife after I had soothed my sweet craving with Pretzel and Coconut M&M's. I have to wonder if my day of having some processed food, ending with the sweets was a trigger.

I've been doing a decent job of avoiding High Fructose Corn Syrup lately. Today, not so much. Hmmmm...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today's Lunch

Today I had the most wonderful lunch!  Whole Grain Pumpernickle Rye bread, with guacamole, spicy mustard, organic spinach, roasted Hatch Chili, and hormone free/naturally fed and raised chicken.  It was soooooo good!

I had enough left over to make myself another one tomorrow!  All of the ingredients came from The Fresh Market, which I am so fortunate to have in my neighborhood. 

This is part of my mission to only eat humanely treated, naturally raised meat.  Otherwise, I'm just gonna have to skip it! 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Dinner at Chipotle

Chipotle is truly "food with integrity".  I love Chipotle, as it's one of the very few places that I can satisfy a hankering for meat with naturally fed and raised options.  No hormones, no GMO grains, no rBGH, no Frankenfood. 

Tonight I opted for the burrito bowl with Barbacoa, rice, black beans, cheese, and sour cream.  Yes, dairy, but dairy that doesn't contain the Frankenfood stuff.  Somehow my system handles that better than the alternative.

If you want to learn more about Chipote and thier impact on our world, click here

More info about about the naturally raised animals can be found in the movie Food Inc, available everywhere a DVD can be bought or rented (a must see, but more on that later)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cheese, oh Evil Cheese

I have not had cheese for two weeks. Dairy and I have a love hate relationship. I love cheese, yogurt, sour cream, cream sauces, bisques....and dairy hates me.
Today I have fallen off the wagon. Macaroni and cheese. Potato chips and chili cheese sauce.  I may actually explode.
The lesson here is never give into the sweet, seductive smile of cheese ..

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chicken Poblamo Soup

It's my current obsession. YaYa's makes it. So, so good. Fresh ingredients and all.
I need a new obsession...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Winding Down Week 3

Expiramentation is interesting.  I've compiled quite the list of foods to stay away from based on how they make me feel.  Namely, anything processed, all dairy (I miss cheese), anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup, and anything "diet" (with diet sweeteners). 

I'm drinking much more water, and am actually thirsty most of the time.  I'm even toying with green drinks. 

Today I bought three plumbs and something called an applepear.  I don't remember when the last time I bought fruit was. 

What is happening to me?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Welcome to my blog!  I hope you enjoy following me along my path of my musings, rants, and experimentations on my quest for good health. 

I love food.  I love all kinds of food, which is a problem for my poor little body.  OK, maybe not so little :-)  I have embarked on an experiment, which I will track here for your amusement, to better understand the impact food has on me. 

It will be an interesting ride...