Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 23

Day 23?  YES!  Day 23!!  Wow!  I do hope that people are getting as much out of these as I get out of cruising through to see what folks are saying about themselves. 


1 I love my honesty.  Honest to a fault.  I'm not a good liar, and I'm not a good deceiver.  I think those are excellent things to be bad at!


2 I love that I am an awesome photographer.  I just took some really good photos of something that has mylar in it, so it's all glowing and shimmering.  Darn hard!


3 I love that I enjoy music pre-1986.  Mostly 60's and 70's.  I don't even pay attention to anything current.  And I'm fine with that!


4 I love my wide range of ecclectic tastes.  I hate to be tied down to just one thing.


5 I love that I'm slowly learning to trust more. 


6 I love the new red hair!!!  A new color I've not done in a long time, and now I remember how much I love it!!


7 I love that I said NO to the weekly pasta order from the local fresh made pasta place that the girls do at work.  It was very hard, but I'm sticking to my budget.


8 I love that I'm having my protien smoothy for dinner, even though I want something else.  Something decadent.  This will get really hard when the PMS kicks in...

9 I love that I'm in a good mood even though I know I'm getting sick

10 I love that if I'm coming down with my traditional Thanksgiving cold like I feel like I do, I'll have a sexy voice for a few days :-)

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