Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 28?

I think it may be day 27 or 28 but I'm not sure...

1 I love that I woke at 5am and ended up being a support for a friend in crisis via email. She said I helped.

2 I love that I went above and beyond for a coworker today (her words not mine)

3 I love that I made my first pendants tonight! 

4 I love that I dug until I found exactly the fabric I needed, hidden at the bottom of a heap, and I had a 50% off coupon for the cut!

5 I love that I offered advise on altering a pattern to a civil war buff making a costume

6 I love that I asked my SIL what she and the kids want for Christmas.  They are hard to shop for and this is a huge help

7 I love that I drank lots of water today!

8 I love the two compliments I got on my glasses today. They really made me happy.

9 I love that I read some more of my book this week. Its Eat to Live and very interesting

10 I love that I taught someone something new today

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