Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 23

Day 23. I don't feel well today. Yet I'm here, doing this.
1 I love that I want to be asleep but fighting it until its late enough in the evening to go to bed
2 I love that I was invited to Mexican food and ate very little
3 I love that I made time for friends this evening
4 I love that I worked an eight hour day today. Not more than eight, just eight
5 I love that I figured out the question with the new email program today
6 I love that I branched out and tried a new food today
7 I love that I got home early today! Already in my jammies
8 I love that I put color on my nails again. Its been weeks of clear
9 I love that I will be snug in my bed when people are doing the crazy black Friday madness
10 I love that I remembered my lunch today!  I really wanted pizza, but I had my healthy, tasty chili

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