Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 24

Day 24

1 I love that I don't have to take anything to Thanksgiving dinner. Except Gladware :-)

2 I love that I stuck it out at work all day even though I wanted to go home sick

3 I love that my nose has finally stopped running

4 I love that its cooling off out yet we'll still get to have Thanksgiving dinner poolside

5 I love that after three weeks I have resolved the handle problem on my new purse

6 I love that I got a good start on my big work project while under the influence of cold medicine

7 I love that my cats are literally glaring at each other over who gets to lay the closest to me

8 I love that I can sleep on tomorrow

9 I love that I refuse flu shots and antibiotics. People who preach them are not informed. Beginning with my mother.

10 I love that I have custom sewing work to do. Paying customer who loves what I do!

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