Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 22

Day 22!  What a journey. Closing in on the finish. There are so many posts, does any really see them now?

1 I love my Sunday routine. Its all about relaxation and rejuvenation.  I work hard all week. Sunday is my day tp be selfish if I choose and just be by myself.

2 I love my fingernails.  They look like I get manicures but I don't.  Its been months since I started polishing them and keeping them up, and I love the results.

3 I love the "bracelet" I wear every day. Its actually a hairband, which ends up in my hair every day at some point. But I enjoy its double dutyness.

4 I love my hair. Its all one length and so easy. I haven't blow dried it in months. I am contemplating bangs for a change, we'll see

5 I love my sensibility

6 I love my lack of ego

7 I love that my cats like to snuggle on my feet

8 I love the new red color I bought to cover my grays. Its not the red I usually use!

9 I love that I've remembered to save my cat food bags for a friend who's making things with them.

10 I love that I'm obsessed with designer handbags and I carry a $5 zebra print bag I found at Pier One.

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