Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 18

Day 18. Wow.
1 I love that I find humor where there is humor to be found. There's a time and a place for serious
2 I love my crooked fingers. Actually, they are mostly twisty. Every one has been broken at least once, in a variety of mishaps and crazy freak accidents. I'll never be a hand model LOL
3 I love that I'm studying hand bags. How they are constructed, hardware, comparing the differences between high end and low end. I want to make them and I want to do it well
4 I love that I figured out a technique for sewing around small curves
5 I love that I'm really good at hand stitching tiny hidden stitches, even though I have a kickass machine to do it for me. Its not the same and not as finished looking
6 I love that I'm a good cook. I don't do it often, but when I do it's tasty!
7 I love that a week before Thanksgiving, I'm trying to decide if I should take better-for-me options to dinner or just have one day of indulgence
8 I love that I craved taco bell tonight, and I didn't go
9 I love that I'm still doing this. It's become more about finishing and finding things I like about me, sorry, love, than the final prize. And I do consider the program a prize, as it's beyond my reach otherwise
10 I love my chin. It has a great shape, and it houses my dimple. I suppose its more of a cleft since its large. My chin is a little square but not in a bad way. Fits my face perfectly!

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