Saturday, November 12, 2011

DAY 15! Half Way...

Day 15. Half way to my goal. I never dreamed I'd make it this far...
1 I love that I've posted every day for 15 days!!!
2 I love that I took the time to dig in the remnant bins and found two awesome purse fabrics for less than $5
3 I love that I helped someone...while shopping at Joann's!
4 I love that I believe in the power of prayer, positive energy, whatever the label. Doing so in numbers makes a difference, I just know it!
5 I love my ankles. When they aren't puffy, they look great!
6 I love that I didn't take anyone's bait today. There was bait to be taken, believe me! But I chose not to go there.
7 I love that I gave into a chicken wing craving. I didn't go face down. I had enough to satisfy the craving I've been fighting for three weeks. I no longer crave them
8 I love that I type these out ahead so I can paste them into this blog. That way I can find them to send to my blog!
9 I love when my cats sits in front of me with droopy, falling asleep face, purring.  Its because they love me unconditionally.  Silly cats!
10 I love that someone told me today that since she's done a cleanse, she now thinks about where her food comes from and what's in it. It was nice talking to her about it, and truly understanding how she's changed how she approaches food. The exchange made me smile!

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