Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 10

First milestone!  This is day TEN!!!  Wow.
1 I LOVE that I haven't given up on this and that I met my first goal (goal two is the full 30 days)
2 I love that I have strong convictions that guide me
3 I love that I've learned to slow down, stop, and smell the flowers
4 I love that I have a wide variety friends from all walks of life.  I'm friends iwth people who 20 years ago I would never have thought twice about because I didn't think I was worthy to know people like them
5 I love that I want to be healthy, in mind, body and spirit
6 I love that I can see the contributing factors to my parents diminishing health, and that I choose not to go down that path
7 I love that on an annual basis, I'm less sick than I used to be
8 I love that when I yell at my cat for being naughty, I always smile or giggle becuase she's just do doggone cute!  Who can stay mad at that face??
9 I love that I helped two people today, and both acknowledged that I changed thier day
10 I love that I'm learning to listen to my body, and how it reacts to food, beverages, and environment
Is that really 100???

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