Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 5

Day 5 and10 more thing I love about me....actually, 41-50 things I love about me.
1 I love my sometimes dark, mostly wickedly funny sense of humor
2 I love that I see everyone as equals ...until proven wrong. Which is rare
3 I love the person I've grown into, rather than the person I used to be, who was a product of her environment. 
4 I love that I'm tolerant and un-prejudiced. Is that a word? BTW, I don't know how that happened based on my early environment
5 I love that my hair grows really fast
6 I love that my bangs are all grown out and the same length as the rest of my hair, and it only took 30 or so years
7 I love that I had the tenacity tonight to scroll through 900 or so responses to find my Day 4 and copy it so I could post it on my blog. On my Droid.  Which took exactly 22 minutes and 65% of the battery.  Ok, obsessed is the word you are looking for.
8 I love that I had a good day, which in turn makes tonight's task easy for me!  I never thought this would be easy!! And I'm sure it wont always be
9 I love that I can share my current obsessions, GMOs and HFCS, with my friends and they love me enough to remain my friends and not run screaming in the opposite direction
10 I love that its day 5 and I'm still totally motivated to continue this challenge!  25 days and 250 more things I love about me to go!!
Holy cow. I may need help with that!

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