Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 11

Day 11
1 I am repeating, because today has been a HUGE test….I love that I can be extremely patient with difficult people.  I work in retail, and some people just require a little extra TLC
2 I love that I ate out for lunch today, and I got something super healthy!
3 I love that I got my exercise today!
4 I love that I can gauge a situation and head off troubling situations
5 I love that I’m very good at home improvement projects
6 I love that I don’t look my age J
7 I love that I still have a sense of curiosity
8 I love that I’m learning to be spontaneous.  It’s very challenging for a me, but I continue to work on it
9 I love that I’ve learned gratitude.  It was not easy, but now comes to me very easily.
10 I love that I truly do want to see a day that we achieve world peace.  It must be attainable!

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