Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 16

Day 16. Over the hump. Some days are easy. Some are hard. Here goes
1 I love that I ate only had the lasagna I was served tonight. I wanted it all, and it was a huge piece.  I die not go face down in my plate :-)
2 I love my supportive friends! Lasagna friend, upon learning of my giving up dairy, gave me a container of coconut milk based eggnog.  Its amazing, 90 calories, creamy, and non dairy!
3 I love explaining to people why dairy is evil. Sometimes they get it, sometimes they don't care. Either way, it's a way to throw good intentions into the universe.
4 I love that I've taken time to learn this week. Its been a busy week.
5 I love that caffeine doesn't keep me awake! I don't have it often, but coffee sounded good tonight.
6 I love that twice in two days I've been told about thrift store finds. I never think to go there, and my friends are sporting cool looks!  In a previous life I would never have gone. Now I'm intrigued!
7 I love my glasses. I think I look good in them. They are chunky and colorful and I get many compliments.
8 I love that I don't see my age. Kids grow up, but I swear I look the same!
9 I love that I wear a black hair band on my wrist. Its jewelry, it deals with my hair when I can't. Its a fashion statement.
10 I love living where I do. I never thought a place could bring me joy.

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