Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 17

Day 17??? How can it be!  I may actually be on a roll now...
1 I love sewing.  I've made a shower curtain, a bib, and a purse in the last day and a half.  So rewarding, and so thankful I learned at an early age.
2 I love that I've stuck with this.  Even when it's really hard.  Like today.
3 I love that I'm starting to talk back to the bad self talk
4 I love that I got caught talking to myself earlier and I just carried on, not caring much what they thought
5 I love that I can find humor in situations that others would find distressing.  I choose laughter over crying or a nervous breakdown!
6 I love doing the speed limit in a school zone and making those behind me mad.  They have obviously never gotten one of those tickets before!  I like to think I'm teaching them patience...
7 I love that I spent 30 minutes building a holiday quiz using various tidbits and trivia from the world wide web.  Killed some time, and made by brain stretch (some of those questions are hard!)
8 I love that I'm not stressed yet about having NO Christmas shopping done yet.  Let's see how I feel in two weeks...
9 I love that I can go home in an hour!!!  And I have tomorrow off so I can relax and sleep in :-)
10 I love the scar above my right eye.  I tumbled down some three stairs when I was two, and got a pretty good gash.  Even now, 40-odd years later, it's noticable.  But it's not in the eyebrow, and it's not in a place that makes makeup difficult.  I think it gives me character!


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