Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 26

Day 26

1 I love love love that I've stuck this out for 26 days! I'm so close to my goal :-)

2 I love my friend who gave me a carton of dairy free, coconut milk based "egg" nog. 90 calories, no tummy ache or congestion, and tastes just like the original!

3 I love my sister in law. 20 years and I've rarely seen her angry or upset. She has great balance

4 I love my little feet. Size 5, petite. When not swollen, they are lovely!

5 I love surprising people with conversation about things they don't know interest me. Not on purpose, just because. I love the little glimmer of "wow I can talk to you about this" that races across their face

6 I love that I recognize when the PMS symptoms kick in. Crazy hunger, weepiness, mood swings. Thank goodness its only about 4-5 days a month!

7 I love that I no longer eat every time I feel hungry.  Sometimes I let my tummy growl because its too late to eat, or I know I had enough earlier. I believe my body tries to trick me.

8 I love my giving nature

9 I love this process. Even on a bad day, I'm forced to reach and find something I love.

10 I love Kind Bars. Excellent snacks or breakfast items, totally healthy.  Mmmmm

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