Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 14

1 I love that I'm learning optimism
2 I love that my brother and I can not chat for months and then pick up right where we left off
3 I love that I am someone others can come to for venting and advice
4 I love that I chose beef and broccoli over fried rice tonight. I'm not sure its a lot better, but it feels like a smarter choice
5 I love that I found Naked juices on sale 2/$5! I stocked up for the week. The Green Machine makes an awesome, easy dinner on the go.
6 I love that after an emotionally exhausting day, I went grocery shopping
7 I also love that I made good choices at the store, not giving into temptation and staying out of the aisles. Except the one where I found my La Croix grapefruit seltzer water and Blue Sky soda
8 yes, two flavors of Blue Sky at the grocery. Neither was rootbeer. So I love that I took a chance and tried the Ginger Ale.
9 I love that I purposefully went back to sleep after waking twice during the night, sleeping in without guilt.
10 I love that I am grateful for my brother. He is amazing.

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