Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 6

Today I reach, this is getting hard. The good news is
1 I love that I haven't thrown in the towel, giving up, like I tend to do with "diets"
2 I love that I got a friend hooked on KIND Bars because She saw how much I enjoy both their taste and the concept. I feel like I did a good thing!
3 I love that I am quirky. Its part of my character
4 I love that my brain is full of useless information and that I use that power for good. Usually at dinner parties.
5 I love that I make a conscious effort to do something good or helpful for someone once a day
6 I love the dimple in my chin. My pinky fits in it perfectly, and I'm the only one in my family who has it
7 I love that even though the numbers are MUCH bigger, there is still 10" between my chest and waist.  Yes, I'm heavy, but I still have a waist :-)
8 I love that I'm learning to accept compliments. Its rarely easy, I always want to point out how its wrong, but I'm getting good at keeping my mouth shut, saying thank you, and letting it sink in
9 I love that, with all I've experienced, I still believe in happily ever after
10 I love my small feet

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