Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 19

Day 19

1 I love that I'm dog tired and staying awake to do this post

2 I love that I had experiments go awry in the sewing room this morning which resulted in an Ah Ha moment

3 I love that I woke at 4am, didn't fall back to sleep, and was able to work a long day without hitting the wall

4 I love that a coworker tried Kind Bars on my recommendation and loves them too! (And bought me some
on sale!!! )

5 I love that I've shifted, for the most part, to my heavy meal in the afternoon.

6 I love that I took a leap and tried new things at the sushi place tonight!

7 I love my friends who can tell by my tone that I need a night out, and make me go.

8 I love that today was full of challenges and I'm not struggling with this exercise tonight

9 I love that the weird dry spot on my forehead is not visible.  I feel it, bit ya can't see it

10 I love that Co workers feel comfortable to vent to me.

I'm probably beginning to repeat myself. I hope not too much.

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