Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 28?

Day 28? 29?  I've lost track. I haven't saved all of these so I'm really not sure :-(

1 I love being lazy on Sunday. I require rejuvenating time

2 I love that I'm thinking more about the food I eat again. I was lost for a while

3 I love that my hair suddenly feels so much longer

4 I love that I realized today that my cats are a lot like me. We'll work on that!

5 I love that I had lots of water again today. I don't like water so it's a big deal

6 I love the skin on my inner arm. Its soft and has no blemishes.  I'd love to get the rest of my skin like that!

7 I love that I can accomplish a lot with email and text. They are time and money savers for me

8 I love that I wanted chips and dip today, and had microwave popcorn instead

9 I love that my Thanksgiving leftovers gave me two, small, satisfying meals

10 I love that I made myself do this tonight. It was hard

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