Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 31 or 32?

I started this journey on Oct 29. I've posted every day.  I hope they all are posted and I qualify, as I'm ready for drastic change and I flounder on how to get there. So here is the last entry.

1 I love that I did this! What an accomplishment.

2 I love designing purses, and I've decided to branch out and learn about jewelry and shoes.

3 I love the positive feedback I received today on my latest project. I always fear putting it out there, but I did it anyhow.

4 I love being supportive of my friend who is in crisis. It's all I can do for her, and it doesn't feel like much but I think she appreciates it

5 I love that I'm beginning to crave healthy food options. I craved a salad today!

6 I love the weird mole on my arm. Its a birthmark sort of thing and it's very unique

7 I love the bump on My arm where it once broke. After all these years I can still feel it, and I remember surviving a 6 week cast in the middle of summer! What an experience for an 8 year old. Its a badge of honor

8 I love that I'm health conscious.  I continue to share my knowledge with those who don't understand GMOs, food from China, etc.

9 I love my neutral, skin toneish color nail polish. When I started this journey I wore black or gray. Does this have anything to do with the change???

10 I love me. Most of the time. I love who I am inside at least. I'm working on the outside and the demons that hold me back.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn this program.

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