Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 7 Redux

I was speaking to a gal at work about this process last night. We laughed at how hard it's getting! Day 7. Deep breath...
1 I love that I can make people laugh
2 I love that I'm short. If I had to choose between short and tall, short is the way to go.
4 I love that I have color memory. I can remember colors and match things without having to carry the item with me.
5 I love that I can design something in my head and create it, usually on the first try.
6 I love how I look in glasses. I use them as a cool accessory. And to see.
7 I love that I've devoted the last four months to doing and maintaining my own nails. I don't do hair or makeup, so they make me feel pretty. And presentable.
8 I also love my toenails. They are little, on my little toes, attached to my little feet. I think they are cute. When people say they hate their toes, I show mine off
9 I love that I balance my love of dark twisty TV shows with comedies that make me laugh out loud
10 I love that I can shop the daylights out of a sale
3 I love that I am the person who proofreads three times before sending...and found that I missed #3!!!!
There. That's 10. Omg! Is that 100????

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