Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 21

Day 21!  Two thirds of the way to the goal.
1 I love that I'm nice to people, even when I don't want to be.  A dear friend and coworker told me I had to use this today. Three hours into our eight hour day I told her I didn't want to be nice anymore ha ha!

2 I love that I had a glass of wine with the girls after work. Mmmm. And yes, I was treated. Which means...

3 I love that I stuck to my budget goal today!

4 I love that I've continued to develop my Christmas gift giving plan, making a list, trying to match projects to people...its coming along.

5 I love that I remembered a stash of fabric that I can make cool scarves with! Fabric stash pays off!!!

6 I love that I spent the day working on a silly project that, in the end, will make people smile

7 I love that I know there are 90 feet between bases on a major league field

8 I love that I relax at the end of the day.  I would to meditate, but I can't slow my mind down. So I watch mindless TV and allow myself to drift.

9 I love when I make myself smile.

10 I love my strength of character despite all the junk in my life at the moment

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