Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 30 or 31?

Day 30 or 31 or maybe 32, not sure.

1 I love my friends. We are so different yet we click along like we've known each other forever

2 I love fish tacos. Can I ever five them up?

3 I love honesty.  I despise deception

4 I love my car.  I bought it because it was big enough, safe, and gets awesome mileage.  Its not gorgeous but it is efficient

5 I love that I changes the cats food and I now have a calmer, gentler cat

6 I love that I share food sensitivities with my crazy cats!

7 I love that I haven't had cheese in five days

8 I love that I had a green drink for breakfast

9 I love how fast my nails grow

10 I love that I probably just did an extra day of this, but I'm not sure....

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