Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 8, 10 Things I Love About Myself

So far I've posted 70 things I love about myself on the Tera Warner Blog.  I don't think I've repeated.  It's getting harder.  I will say that reading other people's posts has inspired me to think outside my negative little box and recognize things in myself that others see in themselves.  I think that's good?  So here goes, 71-80...
1 I love that I've finally found the most wonderful night time moisturizer....raw coconut oil! 
2 I love that I'm getting better at projecting a happy persona, especially on days that I'm not so happy. Why?
3 I love that I protect people from my inner strife.  I have a lotta stuff going on, and really, when someone says "How are you?" they rarely want to know.
4 I love that I hang with my friends, even when I don't have time or feel like being social.  It's good for me, and I recognize that.  Once I get there, I always feel better
5 I love that I make a concious effort to buy local, be it food or goods
6 I love that I spent two months boycotting made in China items.  I wish I had the funds to do it full time
7 I love that I woke this morning with my two cats snuggled up against me sound asleep.  I hated to wake them up!
8 I love that I've moved to an almost black wardrobe.  Not because I'm sad or depressed, but because it's easy!  I can accesorize with color, and add a blouse or jacket with color, but the t's, shells, and pants are all black and I no longer agonize over what to wear in the morning.  (I am contemplating bringing gray and brown into the mix...)
9 I love that I've remembered to take my supplements 5 days this week!  I only missed Thursday.  That's huge!!!!
10 I love that I've made a difference at work this week, doing in-depth profit/loss analysis.  We've learned so much!
WOW!!! That's 80!!!!!  I love that too.  Until tomorrow...

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