Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today has been wretched. A day where I barely go out of bed. Everything weighs heavy today and I'm feeling very doom and gloom. It takes so little to create a tale sp So number 1 today is
1 I'm doing this even though my heart isn't in it. And I'm continuing this list while fighting tears. Why? I need something to cling to today, and…
2 I admire my perseverance!
3 I thrive on a challenge. Today I remind myself of that.
4 I deal with pressure job pressure well. Personally? I could do that better
5 I know how to change a tire
6 I know enough about what's under the hood of my car make car salesmen step back and treat me with respect
7 I have an amazing network of friends. I rarely trouble them with my issues. We all have enough already.
8 I love to learn new things
9 I am a good storyteller
10 After years of trial and error, I can finally grow my fingernails (with the right products) and I like them!

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