Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Positive Reaction to a Rough Couple Days

I didn't sleep last night. Mostly because I was wound tight with concern for my mother.  Unexpected infection in her incision.  Kinda scary if I let myself go there.  So I avoid those thoughts while not sleeping.

Today I did sleep on and off and accomplished nothing. So at 5pm I ventured out to grocery shop. I am a stress eater and had nothing but popcorn in the house. Inspired by the book I'm reading, Eat For Life, I decided no junk food.

First stop, health food store. Walked in behind a Rep for Cupcake wine, carrying a case. I did not buy any. Instead I got four avocados because they were $0.99 each, spinach, spring mix, sprouted salad crunchiest, raw sunflower, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds, a can of Blue Sky Cram Soda, salad dressing, and roasted seaweed snacks.  I was looking for kale chips. I want to try them. But they were crazy expensive. So, seaweed. I'll keep ya posted.

Next stop The Fresh Market. They had two for one Maryland Crab Cakes. I got the last ones. Women behind me were angry. I also picked up my new favorite apples (Honeycrisp), a couple vine tomatoes, pears, and a bottle of Mojitea. Its awesome. A little splurge.  I managed to check out without being tackled by angry crab cake customers. And I got a new TFM bag. Its small, perfect size for me. With a snowman on the front. Oh ya. And a very small container of mashed potatoes.  Comfort food.

Next stop, Publix. Six cans of soup, Ziploc bags and containers, a green Publix bag with a Christmas tree on it,  and two 12 packs of La Croix water later (lime and grapefruit) and I was heading home.
I had crab cakes and potatoes for dinner. And my Mojitea.  Other than that, i did pretty good. I have some decent groceries. I wont starve and some are healthy. Canned soup not so much, but I'm taking small steps.

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