Monday, October 31, 2011

Day Two

Day 2…the first day was hard to come up with ten things. I've put a lot of thought into today!
1 I looked in the mirror twice today. On purpose. And I didn't cringe. In fact, the second time I smiled at myself.
2 I called a friend in need today and brightened her day. And took time to feel good about it.
3 I met friends for lunch even though I did not want to get dressed this morning.
4 I got dressed this morning
5 I listened to others today instead of focusing on negative self talk
6 I walked eight blocks.
7 that walk was on a crowded street, which I usually avoid because I don't want people looking at me
8 I changed my nail polish from dark grey to a very positive nude color. Fingers and toes. I've been black or gray for over a year. When people ask, I tell them it suits my mood. This should surprise them!
9 I have great toes. They look good in sandles!
10 I stopped eating today when I felt a little full. I didn't even finish! And I tried not to feel guilty.
Until tomorrow …

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