Sunday, October 2, 2011

It Was a Dairy Kind of Day

As I lay in bed last night with a headache, congestion, bloaty, and feeling quite lethargic, I had to laugh.  I consumed more dairy in one day than I have in the last several months! 
We had a coffee bar at work. I was three lattes and a hot chocolate down before I realized that i was drinking REAL milk, and I'd had a lot. Then I was really hungry, and I had a half a slice of cheese pizza.
I remember at the time saying "I'll pay for that later!" I usually ask for soy in my lattes. And since I've pretty much given up caffeine, its rare that I have one at all.
There was a "picking at" appetizers all day. We had breakfast and lunch appetizers. One of the best was the shot glass of tomato bisque. At the end of the day, I was still hungry and craving the dark side. I joined my coworkers for a drink and more appetizers.
The cravings happens when I throw caution to the wind.  Too much of a good thing makes me want more!
I ended the day with bread sticks and half a bowl of pumpkin crab bisque.  It was so good. I love bisque.  I love pumpkin crab bisque! So interesting and a soothing experience.  Wrap yourself in bisque at the end of a long day....
I then went home fell into a dairy induced coma. Today I'm still a little blech but I'll survive.  I know that a day of clean eating will bounce me back!
Was it all worth it? Yes!!!  The food was excellent!!!  I'm glad I didn't overindulge.  Lots of picking, so not a lot consumed.

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