Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Beautiful Falling Off

Spectacular. Beautiful.  Epic.  Words to describe my fast decent to the dark side last week. 
It was one of those weeks at work that was...challenging. Long hours, nothing happened the way it should have and the looming deadline was happening with or without me.  It happens from time to time.
I found myself falling into old habits. LOTS of coffee. Little water. Processed foods that were fast and easy.
Saturday culminated in potato chips, pigs in a blanket, BBQ sauce drenched meatballs, pastrami, corned beef, onion dip, Buffalo chicken and...ROOTBEER.  HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) filled rootbeer.
I have not had soda other than that made with natural flavors and cane sugar in months. One small can led to two, a craving for more, and a craving for all that food. Fortunately it was all served buffet style so I didn't completely lose myself. Little bites here and there.
Today I had pasta. I was craving it and I gave in. And after a week of this, I feel horrible.  I am not surprised. The body is a strange thing.  Mine lets me know when enough is enough.
Once in a while, I'm ok to permit myself a treat. This week wasn't a treat.
Enough is enough. Getting back on the horse. Juice time!  A cleansing is in order...

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