Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Cravings

I have cut way back on fast food consumption.

I have cut way back on meat consumption.

I have cut out, almost completely, high fructose corn syrup consumption.  Not easy since its in most every conventional packaged product on the market in some form or another.

I have become more conscious of where my food comes from and what is in it (like the evil GMO stuff).

I have cut way back on processed food.

I do most of my grocery shopping at the health food store, opting for healthier, organic convenience foods.

I cooked soup this week! With fresh ingredients even!  Yes, cooked! 

I have been doing this with food little by little since before Christmas (i had already cut out HFCS sodas.)  I find that I am no longer craving fast food.  Except for the crazy $0.99 spicy sausage sandwich at Checkers. But I'm not giving into THAT very often.

I have also eliminated 99% of the dairy in my life. And discovered Daiya shreds which allows me to skip my cheese and eat it too. It even melts. Its a cheesy goodness miracle.

I thought cutting back on meat would be hard. It hasn't been. I'm actually craving whole foods now. How cool is that?  And rice and beans are a good thing!

So when I opted to have seasoned fries and rice pudding for dinner last night, I forgave myself.  It wasn't a crazy number of fries, and it was all so good. That's another thing, everything tastes better.  Its like my taste buds have broken away from a cult and are free for the first time.

I'm more congested from the pudding this morning, but that's the choice I made. And I can live with that for a day.  It was very good pudding. Filled with all things evil I'm sure, but once in a while, I'll survive!

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