Thursday, January 5, 2012

Less Meat, One Heck of a Migraine...Coincidence?

A couple hours before bed on Monday night, I had a heck of a headache building.  For reasons I do not understand (what the hell was I thinking??) I went to bed without taking anything for it. 

I woke at 5am Tuesday morning with a beautiful, knock down, drag out, nausea inducing, light sensitive, migraine.

I immediatly blamed the lack of meat on Monday.  Jokingly.  The migraine hung on for two full days, in which I did eat some meat (not a lot), a grilled cheese sandwich (comfort food), and finally, last night I had a glass of wine.  Seemed to do the trick with relaxing me, as I woke this morning headache free.  Headache free but suffering from a migraine hangover.

I had a little meat today and a huge salad.  I will try a meat free day again soon, maybe even before Monday.  Poor Meatless Monday...

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