Saturday, January 21, 2012

Groceries and Fast Food

I decided I should make the soup I'm obsessed with, Tom Kha Tofu, rather than continue to get takeout at the local Thai place several times a week. So today I set out to run errands and find ingredients.

But first I backtrack.  At about 11am I decided to eat my leftover takeout. I had ordered Hot, not realizing how hot it was. Overnight it apparently got hotter. I still ate it, and continued on my day.

Some hours later I drove through a fast food place for lunch. Chicken bites, ranch dressing, and sweet tea. I inhaled on my way to Sally's Beauty Supply where I stocked up on a few things.

Next I went to the grocery store. About half way there I felt my tummy get rather, well, violent.  But it subsided, so I passed my house continuing to the grocery.

I found all the ingredients I needed but two. As I made my way toward sparkling water, the violence began again.  I ended up in the restroom!  I was a little horrified! 

Then I got clammy and got a headache.  But my tummy was better. I moved on to the healthfood store where I found my two missing ingredients and began looking for something called Dashi. 

I also want to make miso soup. And because I couldn't find it, and my phone didn't work in the store so I couldn't look up an alternative, I moved on to The Fresh Market.

There I was able to look up the substitution and get what I needed. The substitute is fish sauce by the way.

So tomorrow I will make a soup. Or maybe two.

And I skipped dinner, as I didn't want my tummy to freak out again.  I'm still recovering from having to use that restroom!

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