Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Veg Pledge Day 2 and 3

Yesterday's salad left me crazy hungry and with a headache.  I decided I needed more umph in my dinner, and traffic didn't allow me to get to Pei Wei.

I ended up at my favorite Thai place where I ordered stirfry noodles, veggies, and tofu. I ate half the order, and it filled me. Headache gone soon after eating. I decided the headache was hunger induced.

Today, day 3, was Taco Bus day. I had a tostada with a stuffed pepper, beans, tomato, and cabbage.  The pepper was stuffed with cheese, which I THINK was sheep cheese. It wasn't a lot, and I am ok with that. I also had some beans, which I pretended were not lardy. I got a strange look when I asked for no onions or cheese on the tostada.

I went grocery shopping and stocked up on Thai noodles to add to my soups. Tonight I'll have my leftover noodle dish.

Also, at the grocery store, I walked past the deli counter. They had just fried chicken, and that's all you could smell. It turned my stomach.  I had chicken last Friday!  Today I couldn't take the smell. Interesting ...

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